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Glascote Academy

Glascote Academy


Safeguarding in School

School and Governors take safeguarding as identified in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 very seriously and ensure robust systems are in place. These systems are monitored closely by the Local Governing Board who hold the school to account for the safety and well being of all in the school community. We as a school work hard to maintain an ethos of encouraging all stakeholders to talk about their concerns as we consider safeguarding to be the responsibility of everyone involved with the school community.  Strategies to maintain this ethos include:

  • School assemblies
  • Anti-bullying activities
  • School council
  • Pupil leadership team - pupil voice
  • On-line safety
  • NSPCC Childline information
  • First Response
  • Questionnaires
  • House Captain System
  • Community and external agency partnership

We acknowledge that the school has a duty to encompass local and national safeguarding requirements and these are facilitated through staff training, keeping abreast of current legislation and constant vigilance.  Recently the school has undertaken a safeguarding audit in compliance with Staffordshire's Safeguarding Board and as a result of this, we are fully compliant. (KCSIE 2016).

At our request, the Head of Safeguarding in Staffordshire came into school to help us review our access arrangements during the school day and school systems were highlighted as robust and appropriate.  Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Maria Hamblin.