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Glascote Academy

Glascote Academy

Behaviour and Rewards

Behaviour and Rewards at Glascote Academy

We have a Home/School Partnership Agreement that sets out the Code of Conduct and how we expect our pupils to behave in all situations. To support this behaviour expectation, we use Emotion Coaching as an aid to regulating emotions:

We also foster self-esteem by using a positive system of rewards and reinforcing good behaviour through the use of thumbs up, badges and postcards, which can be rewarded for academic and non-academic achievements, including perseverance, resilience, team work, and for being kind, caring and a role model to others.

The children are divided into four House Groups across the school: St George, St Andrew, St Patrick, St David. Each team’s thumbs ups are counted at the end of the week, and the winning House announced in Assembly. These points also go towards our Glascote TT Races at the end of the year whereby the winning House earn a Big Breakfast Bonanza!

Please see our Behaviour Policy for further details.