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Religious Education

It is our intention at Glascote Academy to provide a Religious Education curriculum that is accessible to all and that will equip our children with knowledge and understanding of different religions and beliefs, with a view to promoting tolerance of other people and their faiths. We aim to embed a Religious Education curriculum that helps our children to not only understand the world, but also their place within it. We want our children to become successful learners, to develop to their full potential and to achieve the highest educational standards that they can.

We want our pupils to:

Build upon their learning and understanding year on year, resulting in a deep and clear understanding of world religions.
Delve into ‘non-religions’ (such as Humanism) and to be able to explain the ideas behind such movements and the significance of these.
Make links between the traditions, beliefs and celebrations and different world religions, as well as being aware of the differences.
Recognise the changing nature of society but also to understand that, for many, religion and belief remain a key part of life in the twenty-first century.
Experience religion and beliefs in practice, by making visits to local places of worship and by hosting religious visitors in school, where appropriate.

Children with SEND will access all lessons via scaffolding up as necessary and our staff will ensure that high expectations  are held for all children.

As a school we use Discovery RE, a comprehensive scheme of work, as a basis for RE. This has recently been supplemented by additional planning and resources to provide a deeper offer of learning during our lessons, and to ensure that we remain compliant with the recent updates that have been made to Staffordshire’s Locally Agreed Syllabus for RE.

Through weekly timetabled RE lessons, children have access to key  knowledge, vocabulary and meanings. They will develop their understanding of RE and will be given opportunities to explore, discuss and challenge a range of values, attitudes, beliefs, rights and responsibilities. Through this, children will develop a range of skills and strategies that will aid them in becoming tolerant, informed and responsible citizens.

Our RE curriculum is taught in a variety of ways and a range of teaching strategies are used, such as discussions (whole class, individual, small group or in pairs,); stories (e.g. exploring religious beliefs and traditions), and creative activities.

Visitors and people from the community offer additional learning opportunities which complement our RE curriculum. For example, at the end of every term, the whole school makes a trip to the neighbouring Sacred Heart Church in which we receive a blessing and talk about the religious significance of the season (if applicable).

RE is taught weekly all year groups. This enables children to talk about their learning with greater confidence as their recall of previous lessons is much stronger. Sufficient lesson time for Key Stages 1 & 2 has also been allocated in line with recommendations made by Ofsted in their RE review.

 Assessment within RE lessons will ensure that pupils are building on their skills and knowledge over time. It will demonstrate progression and also uniformity between parallel classes. Long and medium-term planning allows teachers to be mindful of the assessment elements within lessons and can help them pitch and plan subsequent lessons.