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Physical Education

At Glascote Academy, we wish to develop a love of sport and physical activity. We want to encourage our children to acquire physical activity into their lives as a natural habit that continues into their lives well beyond their years at school. . We aim to help children grow into confident, active and enthusiastic learners who will be ready to continue their learning journey into High School and beyond.

Our sequence of units, which spans key stage one and two ensures progressive coverage of the skills required by the national curriculum, and supports the aspirations that we desire for our pupils by the end of their time in Primary School.  Most sports and games are revisited during multiple year groups to allow for progression and development of these skills at different stages in child development and supporting a mastery approach. This is supported by the ‘Physical development’ provision in EYFS which lays the foundations for our PE curriculum by focusing on the development of the fundamental gross and fine motor skills.

Children with SEND will access all lessons via scaffolding up as necessary and our staff will ensure that high expectations  are held for all children.

Our chosen sports and units of study at Glascote Academy:

provide a wide and varied selection of sports taught to our children
provide opportunities for the learning and development of a wide range of skills
Provide opportunities to play competitive games or perform (dance and gymnastics) and the end of each unit.

During lessons, our children will:

Learn new skills
Enjoy being active
Practice and master their skills
Discuss tactics

Using the planning and resources available will ensure that children have opportunities to develop their skills year on year in their PE lessons.

The continued coaching sessions and enrichment days will ensure that the profile of PE is raised and that staff and pupils are enthusiastic about the subject.

Whole-school engagement in a range of physical activities will improve through the use of new equipment on the playgrounds and in lessons. All children will have access to a range of sporting equipment and activities to support different interests and abilities.

At Glascote Academy, we want to ensure that PE is loved by teachers and pupils across school, therefore encouraging them to embed physical activity and a healthy and active lifestyle into their daily routines both now and into their futures.