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Success for All Phonics Success for All Phonics is a proven systematic synthetic phonics teaching programme for Reception to Year 1. It meets all the requirements of the National Curriculum and the EYFS framework and has been validated by the DfE. Success for All Phonics is a complete literacy programme that supports your child to learn all the skills needed to successfully read, write and spell. Each day your child will spend time revisiting phonemes and graphemes to ensure they consolidate their learning before new content is introduced through teacher led activities designed to help them oral blend, segment and read words and then sentences. They will also learn the alphabet and how to write letters in upper and lower case before beginning to write simple words and then sentences. Additionally, they will have daily opportunities to apply their learning into reading beautifully written books in a Shared Reader lesson whilst also discussing the text to develop their comprehension skills. 

Outside the phonic lesson, phonic skills and strategies are regularly revisited and applied throughout the day to support learners with their reading and spelling across every area of the curriculum. Children in Year 2, who continue to require phonic teaching, are taught daily in small groups.

A range of resources are used to support the teaching and application of phonics for reading/spelling including word mats and displays. Progress in phonics is assessed and tracked every six weeks using the Reading Assessment Program (RAP) through FFT success for all. The statutory Phonics Screening Test is administered during the Summer Term in Year One and in Year Two learners for learners who did not meet the expected standard in Year 1.