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MFL - French

A curriculum has been mapped which will build as the years progress.  To begin the journey, all Keystage 2 children regardless of year group will begin at the beginning: Year 3.

Our carefully planned sequence of French lessons, which span Lower and Upper Keystage 2, ensures progressive coverage of the skills required by the national curriculum, and supports the aspirations that we desire for our pupils by the end of their time in Primary School. 

At Glascote Academy, we wish to develop a love of language and to expand our children’s horizons beyond their immediate environment to other countries, cultures and people. We aim to help children grow into curious, confident and reflective language learners who will be ready to continue their learning journey into High School and beyond.

Children with SEND will access all lessons via scaffolding up as necessary and our staff will ensure that high expectations  are held for all children.

Our chosen themes at Glascote Academy:

provide an introduction to the culture of French-speaking countries and communities;
foster curiosity and a deeper understanding of the world;
support our children to gradually build upon their skills through a knowledge and vocabulary rich sequence of lessons
provide opportunities to interact and communicate with others through speaking and listening as well as through the written word.

Each theme is split into weeks which cover an aspect within the theme. Lessons are sequenced so that prior learning is considered and opportunities for revision of vocabulary, phonics,  and grammar are built in.  Similar themes are addressed across the Keystage to support this also.

During lessons, our children will:

Provide answers some purely oral whilst others may be written in French

Powerpoints and supportive resources have been selected by the subject leader (from sources such as: ‘Twinkl’, ‘Oak National Academy’ and ‘You Tube’) to ensure that consistency of approach spans the keystage, and that both staff and children feel confident within the lesson as many teaching tools have access to supportive French audio materials.

Using the full range of resources, including display materials, will increase the profile of French as our chosen language of study across school, particularly within Keystage 2. The learning environment will be consistent with key French vocabulary displayed, spoken and used by all learners.

Whole-school and parental engagement will improve through the use of language-specific home learning tasks and opportunities suggested in lessons and overviews for wider learning.

At Glascote Academy, we want to ensure that French is loved by teachers and pupils across school, therefore encouraging them to embark on further language studies.