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At Glascote Academy, our intent for Art and Design is to provide a challenging, inspiring, and transformative curriculum that enables our learners to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the subject. We aim to foster a culture of creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking that encourages learners to take risks, experiment, and develop their unique artistic voice. Through our Art and Design curriculum, we want to nurture learners' resilience, confidence, and self-expression and prepare them for success in their future careers and personal aspirations.

As artists, our children will develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of mastering different styles of art including drawing, painting and sculpture using a range of medium; use colour, texture, line work and pattern techniques to improve work and acquire a knowledge and study a breadth of key artist.

The new unit structure and timetable will ensure that children understand the process of art and design from start to finish.

Children will have a clear understand of the Art and design curriculum without the risk of the objectives blurring with other curriculum areas or not fully met. They will also build a rich technical subject vocabulary and have the opportunity to use in a variety of artistic areas. Thus, learning and understanding about transferable.